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Criminal Defense Lawyer San Francisco CA

Criminal Defense Lawyer San Francisco CA

Criminal Defense Lawyer San Francisco CAAt Hallinan LawFirm, a criminal defense lawyer San Francisco CA residents can trust does not take a “wait-and-see” approach. We understand that when it comes to your criminal defense case, there is no time to waste unnecessarily. The crucial window of opportunity for a defense team is within the first few days after the arrest, or prior to official charges being filed. If we are able to get to work right away, we can identify favorable strategies and evidence to work in your favor. If you or someone you care about was arrested recently, please seek legal guidance immediately, as acting promptly can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. 

You may be wondering what a criminal defense lawyer can do for you. Here we have gone into further detail about the types of tasks we can handle while advocating for you: 

Performing Investigations

We are well aware that many cops are only concerned with the prosecution and want to build a case against you. Officers should not be solely relied on to obtain evidence that is favorable to your case. Remember that from the moments of your arrest and on, law enforcement is not on your side no matter what they say or appear to believe. A lawyer for criminal defense in San Francisco, CA can perform investigations such as:

  • Re-interviewing witnesses
  • Obtain surveillance tapes for the area where supposed crime was committed
  • Do background checks on witnesses if they are being used against you
  • Locate proof to corroborate your version of the events in question

Early Intervention and Negotiations

Did you know that if you hire a lawyer early after your arrest, it is sometimes possible to halt the charges from even being filed against you? Once the arrest of a suspected crime is done, the law enforcement delivers evidence to the district attorney, who then evaluates the case and decides what charges to file. The prosecutor usually makes their decision based only on what the officers have presented. But, there is always more to the story and we can meet with the district attorney’s office during this time. When the prosecution sees the other side to the story, they may choose to file lesser charges or none at all.

What To Do Right Now

The best thing you can do for yourself or your loved one is hire them a lawyer that is experienced in criminal defense cases. The court-appointed lawyer may be available at no cost to you, however, what you may be paying for in exchange is enduring the worst punishments possible associated with the crime. If you aren’t sure whether hiring a lawyer is right for you, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation to find out your options. To learn more, call Hallinan Law Firm to schedule your appointment with a CA criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco as soon as possible.