Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents happen all the time. But what makes personal injury accidents different from the rest? If someone was hurt because of another person’s recklessness or negligence, then they may qualify for compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Here are a few common instances where taking legal action may be warranted:

Workplace Accident

Accidents in the workplace that resulted in injury or illness to employees may qualify workers for receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefit programs were designed to reduce conflict between employer and employee in the event of an accident while at the work site, or when traveling for work-related duties.

Motor Vehicle Collisions

Each year millions of people are hurt in motor vehicle accidents, involving bikes, trucks, cars, and motorcycles. As a driver, passenger, or pedestrian who was hurt from a careless driver, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your injuries, financial loss, property damage, and more.

Product Liability

Those who used a product as instructed but were injured or became ill because of it, may have grounds for filing a product liability lawsuit. Designers, manufacturers, and distributors have an important role in ensuring a product is safe for consumer use. Examples of product liability cases include malfunctioning children’s toys, dangerous drugs, and defective car parts.

Wrongful Death

Sometimes an accident unfolds and fatalities result. It is even more devastating for surviving family members to learn that someone may have had a hand in their cherished person’s early departure. Relatives in grief over a recent wrongful death accident are advised to get support from an experienced lawyer. Loved ones may find that while compensation doesn’t bring their person back, they can at least find justice in the matter and get the financial support they need during this time.

For advice about what to do after a recent accident, contact a personal injury lawyer immediately.

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