Corporal Punishment Lawyer,
Oakland, CA

At The Hallinan Law Firm, our Corporal Punishment Lawyer, Oakland, CA relies on understands that when you are facing serious charges like this, you may think you do not have a chance of winning your case. In California, if you are accused of corporal punishment, there is a very fine line between whether you are convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony. This kind of crime can be taken very seriously by California courts due to the nature of the alleged crime and it is important that you get the proper representation for your defense. If you would like to learn more, please reach out to our team of attorneys now.

Corporal Punishment lawyer Oakland, CA

What is the difference between punishing a child and child abuse?

We understand that the line can seem very thin when it comes to child abuse versus punishing them appropriately. The rule of thumb for committing child abuse in California is that you would need to intentionally or willfully commit cruel punishment on a child that could result in injury or leaving the child in a traumatic condition. For the prosecution to prove that a person did this, they will need to show that the defendant was not acting in a reasonable manner to discipline the child.

I was upset about something and when I was trying to get my anger out by punching an object my child walked by and I hit them. Is this considered child abuse?

Our Domestic Abuse Lawyer, Oakland, CA trusts knows that we will fight to show that this kind of situation is not child abuse. While the situation is not a good one, you were not actively trying to get your anger out on your child, instead, accidentally coming in contact with them instead of the object you were aiming at. When this is the case, we would argue that you did not willfully try to harm your child or place them in a traumatic situation.

What if I was falsely accused of child abuse when I was acting within my right to disciple my child?

This can be difficult because a person who suspects that child abuse is happening should get in contact with law enforcement to stop the situation from escalating further. However, we will gather the appropriate evidence, including potential eyewitness testimony, to show that a situation was misconstrued and that you did not commit child abuse.

If you would like to learn more about getting an attorney to help you when you are accused of abusing a child, reach out to our Oakland, California Corporal Punishment Lawyer now.

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