Domestic Assault Lawyer San Francisco, CA

Domestic Assault Lawyer San Francisco, CA

Domestic Assault Lawyer San Francisco, CA

From the perspective of a domestic assault lawyer San Francisco, CA residents trust from Hallinan Law Firm, battery is an intentionally violent act committed by one individual against another. Should this occur, the victim has the legal right to pursue compensation from their perpetrator through a civil lawsuit. Whether or not the victim decides to file a lawsuit against the individual who assaulted them, the authorities may choose to file criminal charges against the perpetrator.

If found guilty, the perpetrator may be sentenced to prison time. A lawsuit can be filed before, during, or after the criminal trial. As for optimum timing for filing the lawsuit, a domestic assault lawyer San Francisco, CA clients rely on can provide guidance on this and related matters.

Common Dental Injuries Among Assault Victims

Assault victims may suffer a wide range of injuries at the hands of their perpetrator, depending on the nature of the attack against them. However, dental injuries are common among assault victims. Should you decide to file a civil lawsuit against the person for the damages you have suffered as a result of the attack, it’s important to document what happened to you. It’s also important to maintain copies of your medical treatment records, as well as invoices from the dentist and your other doctors for treatment related to your assault. This information can be included in your injury claim or lawsuit and your petition for compensation from the perpetrator.

Orthodontic treatment can be an effective approach for reversing damage to the mouth caused by an assault. If your teeth were knocked out of alignment, braces may be needed. Be sure to inform your domestic assault lawyer San Francisco, CA victims of violence trust about the severity of your injuries

If You are the Victim of an Assault and Battery

If you were harmed by someone who assaulted you, contact your local police report and file an assault report against them. Be sure to get a copy of the police report as well. This creates an official record of your accusation against them, and may initiate a crime investigation. If you feel that you are vulnerable to another potential attack by the perpetrator, you may want to consider a restraining order against them, or obtain an emergency protective order from a judge.

Though these are not guarantees of protection from the individual who attacked you, it can provide a basis for court action against them if they violate the court order. It can also be included as evidence (along with the police report) if you decide to file a civil claim for damages against the perpetrator.

Recovering Your Damages Via a Civil Claim

If you suffered a serious physical injury such as damage to your teeth and will require orthodontic treatment, you may be eligible to receive compensation from the federal Victim Compensation Fund. In addition, you may have grounds for seeking compensation from the individual who assaulted you. By hiring a domestic assault lawyer San Francisco, CA victims can turn to for help, you can file a damage claim with the court. In response, the Judge may rule that the perpetrator must pay you compensation and if they do not have money, the court can garnish the individual’s wages and order that those funds are given to you.

Talk to a domestic assault lawyer San Francisco, CA residents trust from Hallinan Law Firm to learn what legal options are available to you for recouping the cost of orthodontic treatment following an assault.