Domestic Battery Lawyer,
Oakland, CA

Domestic Battery Lawyer Oakland, CA

If you are being charged with domestic battery, you need the help of a Domestic Battery Lawyer, Oakland, CA relies on from The Hallinan Law Firm. We understand that being charged with a crime can entirely change the course of your life. A charge of domestic violence can be particularly broad because it encompasses many types of crimes. However, it most commonly refers to a crime of abuse that one commits against someone they are close with: their husband, wife, partner, their child, or someone they are related to by blood. Being charged with domestic battery is something you should take seriously, and you should speak with your attorney as soon as possible when the charges come up. To see how we can help you, give our office a call.

Domestic Battery Lawyer, Oakland, CA

What exactly is a domestic battery?

For someone who is unfamiliar with these charges, you may be wondering what domestic battery is. We have covered what “domestic” is in terms of violence. Battery, on the other hand, occurs when one person uses violence or threatened violence to harm another person. That said, under California law, no physical contact needs to occur, and no actual physical harm has to happen for “domestic battery” to be true. If one person threatens harm to another person, and they believe that they could become harmed, battery has occurred.

This means that when you are in a relationship with someone, and they accuse you of either physically harming them or threatening to harm them, you could be facing serious domestic battery charges.

What are the consequences?

A Domestic Abuse Lawyer, Oakland, CA knows understands that if convicted of this crime, you could be facing serious punishments. Some of these punishments are:


A fine up to $2,000.


Misdemeanor on your criminal record.


Jail time up to 1 year.



Many people who are allowed probation must also attend a court-appointed treatment program and/or counseling.

What kind of evidence is necessary for a crime like this?

You may think that an obvious piece of evidence for a crime like this would be signs of physical harm: lacerations or bruises. However, because domestic battery does not have to include physical harm, there may be no obvious signs that it occurred. That said, you can still be convicted of domestic battery even if there is no visible injury. This is why it is so important to have an attorney on your side when someone accuses you of a crime like this. If you would like to speak with our Oakland, California domestic battery lawyer to see how we can help you, please contact The Hallinan Law Firm today.

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