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Domestic Violence Felony Lawyer San Francisco CA

Domestic Violence Felony Lawyer San Francisco CA

Domestic Violence Felony Lawyer San Francisco CAAt Hallinan Law Firm, a domestic violence felony lawyer San Francisco CA clients can depend on has represented those accused of domestic violence for many years. If you are facing a charge at the felony level, we want you to know that it is possible to get your charges dismissed. However, this won’t be possible without an experienced lawyer who knows how to handle sensitive cases like these. Emotions may be running high and you may not be sure how this will impact your future. If you are in need of guidance regarding a domestic violence accusation, then we strongly advise getting legal assistance as soon as possible. We can begin working for you right away. 

Common Domestic Violence Laws

In the Bay Area and throughout California, there is not a single statute that encompasses domestic violence crimes. There are actually many statutes that go over the different kinds of domestic violence crimes, and include the following:

  • Crimes against children
  • Crimes against dependent adults or elderly
  • Crimes against intimate partners

As a CA domestic violence felony lawyer in San Francisco may tell you, California law lists battery broadly. By definition, battery is the use of force or violence that is willful and unlawful. The act must have been done on purpose or willingly, not through negligence or by accident. To be deemed as battery, it can be any action that was done in an offensive and harmful manner. What is less important is whether it caused injury or not. Someone can bring charges of battery against someone else despite not sustaining serious injury. Examples of battery can entail spitting on someone, grabbing them by the wrist, pushing or shoving, and more.

The charges of willful infliction and domestic battery only apply when the supposed victim is in an intimate relationship with the accused. Under this statute, an intimate relationship is categorized as:

  • A current or former spouse
  • A person that the accused is cohabitating with
  • A person that the accused has a current or past relationship with, where they were engaged or dating 
  • A person that is the parent of the accused’s child

California law extends protections against abuse to dependent adults and the elderly. Anyone over the age of 65 is considered an elder, and a dependent adult can be any age under 65 who has limitations on the mental and/or physical level. If you are facing charges for doing any of the following, please contact Hallinan Law Firm today to have us defend you, your rights, and your reputation:

  • Willingly caused or allowed the injury to a dependent adult or elderly while in personal custody or care
  • Willingly caused or allowed unjustified mental suffering or pain to dependent adult or elderly person

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