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At The Hallinan Law Firm, our Drug Possession Lawyer, San Francisco, CA community members depend on knows that facing drug charges isn’t easy. You may be feeling hopeless, worried about the repercussions for your future, and how your family will be impacted. Despite feeling like there isn’t a way to avoid the consequences of this accusation, we are here to tell you that there are actually many possible strategies that can be used in your defense. An experienced lawyer in drug possession cases from our law firm can evaluate your case and let you know what defenses would work the best in your favor.

Trust us when we say that as someone faced a drug-related charge, you need aggressive representation. You need a team that will fight for you and ensures that your rights are not violated in the process. If you are ready to jump in and get started working on your case, call The Hallinan Law Firm (Drug Possession Lawyer San Francisco) right now.

Drug Possession Lawyers, San Francisco, CA

Possible Drug Possession Defenses

There are defenses that can be used to fight your drug possession charge. We understand that you may feel as though there is no chance to receive a lesser charge and avoid certain punishments. Remember that you are innocent until proven guilty by the prosecution. The burden of proof rests with the prosecution. This means they have to show beyond a reasonable doubt that you were in possession of an unlawful substance and knowingly so.

Our team can use strategies to make it difficult for the prosecution to accomplish this. Examples of defenses our San Francisco drug possession lawyers may use as a foundation of your case can include, but are not limited to:


Asserting that the drugs taken from your property and/or person were done so illegally by law enforcement.


Showing that you were the victim of entrapment by police officers.


Claiming that the illegal drugs belonged to another person.


Putting pressure on the prosecution to prove that the substance is actually an illicit drug.

After assessing your case, we may suggest having the drugs that were taken from you tested by an official crime lab. The officer who arrested you may have seen a substance that appears to be illegal, but it may not be. For example, just because a white powdery substance is in a ziplock bag doesn’t automatically mean you were carrying cocaine or crack. The state has to prove that the drug confiscated is illegal through laboratory analysis by trained professionals. If the prosecution is unable to bring forward these drugs for testing due to being lost in the process, then the case may be dropped against you.

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Do not forget that you are innocent until proven guilty by the prosecution. Do not feel defeated before trying. We are here to help. To hear more about how our team can help you in your drug-related offense, call The Hallinan Law Firm to speak with our SF drug possession lawyers as soon as possible.

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