DUI Lawyer, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA

Many people have often wondered if it is possible to get a DUI while parked in a car. In fact, after a night out with friends or a trip to the bar on the way home from work, many people believe that they are choosing the safer option to sleep off a few drinks in their car before they decide to continue driving. At The Hallinan Law Firm, we understand that safe driving is extremely important to you and know that having a criminal record can be permanently damaging. If a police officer has charged you with a DUI while you were in a parked car, you should not simply accept this charge. Instead, you should meet with a seasoned Civic Center San Francisco, California DUI lawyer at our firm to ensure you get the representation you need when it comes to a DUI charge. Call now to set up an appointment.

DUI Lawyer, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA

Getting a DUI While in a Parked Car

Unfortunately, as a Civic Center San Francisco DUI lawyer can explain, it is possible for a police officer to successfully charge you with a DUI while you are sitting in a parked car. When this is the case, the prosecution will need to work with the arresting officer to prove that not only were you sitting in the parked car, but that the police officer had reason to believe you were planning to drive away while intoxicated. Signs of this could be you putting on your seatbelt and adjusting mirrors, or fumbling with getting your keys in the ignition. This action specifically is called an “attempted DUI.”

I Fell Asleep In My Car. Now What?

Even if you were just trying to sleep it off and thought your car would be a safe place to do so, you may have found that you were wrong. A police officer can still charge you with a DUI if they found you sleeping in your car. For example, if you were behind the wheel of the car and were asleep (in a parking lot), it is possible for a police officer to charge you with the attempted DUI charge noted above. On the other hand, if they find you in the car – whether you are in the driver’s seat or another seat – and it looks like you had recently driven the car while under the influence and decided to pull over to sleep after driving, they have the probable because they need to arrest you for a DUI. No matter what the circumstances of your arrest, make sure to immediately contact a Civic Center San Francisco DUI lawyer to protect your rights.

Getting Help for Your DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI or attempted DUI and believe that these charges are false, you should call to speak with a Civic Center, San Francisco, DUI Lawyer from The Hallinan Law Firm to see how we can help you with these charges. To set up your consultation, call our office now.

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