Gun Lawyer, Civic Center,
San Francisco, CA

Whenever you are facing criminal charges regarding a gun criminal offense, it is important to have a Civic Center San Francisco, California gun lawyer on your side. This is particularly true for those facing charges in one of the states across the country, where local law enforcement officials are now taking a far more serious and potentially more severe approach in handling these types of offenders.

Rather than prosecuting them under the laxer gun laws that many states have, where offenders are often likely to face less jail time or probation, many police and prosecutors are now pushing to file federal charges in these cases. As a result, those accused of any type of gun offense could find themselves facing a federal prison sentence.

Gun Lawyer, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA

Police Take More Severe Approach in Dealing with Gun Crimes

Local law enforcement agencies and state officials are now taking a new approach in dealing with those accused of various types of gun crimes and related offenses. Many police and prosecutors are now referring people charged with gun crimes to federal court. As a result, if convicted on their charges, they are likely to receive harsher penalties than they would have under existing state laws.

This new approach aims at avoiding loopholes in the current legal system. Supporters of the program claim that charging gun-related offenses under the existing guidelines, many states fail to provide the appropriate punishment. They claim that court outcomes often involve lighter sentences and early release for convicted offenders, and fails to act to defer others of committing these types of crimes.

In an effort to satisfy concerned constituents while also sending a clear message to gang members, drug dealers, and other offenders, police and local prosecutors work with the FBI to refer certain gun crimes for federal prosecution. Whether a weapon is actually fired during an alleged offense, the accused could find themselves facing longer, mandatory minimum prison sentences, which must be served in out-of-state detention facilities. The strategy involves focusing on four main areas, which have proven particularly problematic in our area:


Armed robberies.




Felons in possession of handguns.


Drug trafficking.

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If you are facing gun charges or any other federal offense, you need to contact a skilled and experienced gun lawyer in Civic Center, San Francisco, CA. These types of charges can result in harsh penalties if convicted.

At The Hallinan Law Firm, we provide the strong, aggressive legal defense you need if you are facing any type of charge. To avoid possible federal penalties, reach out and contact a Gun Lawyer, Civic Center, San Francisco, CA clients rely on today and request a free consultation to discuss how we can help you.

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