Restraining Order Lawyer,
Oakland, CA

If someone has requested that a restraining order be put into place against you, or you’re facing accusations that you’ve violated an existing order, please connect with an experienced Restraining Order Lawyer, Oakland, CA residents trust. Restraining orders are no legal restrictions to be treated lightly. Violation of a restraining order can result in severe consequences.

Additionally, even having a restraining order in place can significantly impact an individual’s personal life, living space, and/or child custody situation. As a result, it’s important to have an experienced defense team advocating for your rights, whether an order is already in place or has “simply” been requested. That way, you can better ensure that the order request is either rejected or modified in such a way that it impacts your life negatively in a few ways as possible. Don’t act without thinking after being notified of a restraining order request, or you could ultimately hurt your case. Instead, speak with the experienced California legal team at The Hallinan Law Firm about your legal options.

Restraining Order Lawyer, Oakland, CA

Can I Contest a Restraining Order Request?

Depending on the unique circumstances of your situation, you could be facing a request that would bar you from having contact with the protected person, bar you from going anywhere near the protected individual’s school, home, place of work, and/or children’s school, and/or bar you from having a firearm in your possession while the order remains in effect.

Depending on where you are in the process, there may be a temporary restraining order in effect until a specific court date, or there may be a more permanent order in place. If ANY (temporary or not) restraining order is currently in effect that concerns you, do NOT violate it. If you need to retrieve possessions, navigate a complex child custody situation, visit a place you are currently prohibited from entering, etc. connect with an Oakland, CA Restraining Order Lawyer at our firm so that we can advise you of how to successfully handle the situation at hand without violating the restraining order currently in place. The consequences of violating that order are not worth the risk. Do not so much as send the protected person an email or ask a friend to “talk to them for you” if an order is in place without discussing your plan of action with us first.

We may be able to successfully contest a restraining order request or modify a request to make the consequences associated with the order more manageable. However, it will be harder to do so successfully if you violate the existing order in any way. If a hearing is set, it is important that you connect with our firm as quickly as possible so that we can file a response on your behalf before your hearing occurs.

Legal Assistance Is Available

Dealing with a restraining order or restraining order request can be an emotional process with significant practical consequences. Don’t navigate this challenging situation alone. Contact The Hallinan Law Firm, an experienced Oakland, CA Restraining Order Lawyer at our firm to ensure that your rights are protected starting today.

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