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A Restraining Order Lawyer, San Francisco, CA community members can rely on has likely represented people in your similar circumstances, where someone has filed a restraining order against you. A temporary order in a domestic violence situation hinders contact with the petitioner and shared children. After the temporary restraining order has been established, a hearing for it to become permanent may follow. It is crucial that you hire legal counsel that is experienced in defending restraining order cases.

Do not wait to see what happens, as your lawyer can protect you as soon the order goes into effect and can advocate for your behalf during the hearing. The outcome of your case can depend on how quickly you get dependable legal representation. Don’t hesitate to call our office today to learn about how we can help.

Restraining Order Lawyer, San Francisco, CA

Treat a Restraining Order as a Serious Matter

If you receive notice of a restraining order, you may want to respond with a shrug and act like it’s not a big deal. While the person who filed a restraining order against you may be making the issue more serious than it is, you should never act like it’s not a big deal. Never ignore a restraining order request. It is in your best interest to have a lawyer to talk to, so you can be informed about your options and rights.

After a restraining order has been approved, you can receive a charge for a criminal offense if you violated the terms of that order. And then, if a permanent order is granted, it will show up at background checks, and you will no longer be allowed to possess a firearm while it is in effect. So, while your initial reaction may be to toss it out, there may be unfortunate consequences for doing so.

If there is a restraining order currently filed against you, please call The Hallinan Law Firm today to reserve a consultation with a dedicated and knowledgeable San Francisco, CA Restraining Order Lawyer.

What To Do Next

Let’s say you were just served a restraining order that is temporary. We strongly advise taking the steps that are listed on the order, including not making contact with the petitioner, despite maybe feeling like you have a reasonable defense against it. Under no circumstances should you contact the filer of the restraining order, as this may be used against you during the hearing for a permanent order. Here are a few tasks that your lawyer can help you with in preparation for the hearing:


Obtain evidence related to the events listed on the restraining order, such as videos, items, photographs, clothing, etc.


Write a list of witnesses who could support your side of the story and advocate for your personal character.


Assemble evidence related to the case, including emails, text messages, letters, phone records, etc.

Call a Restraining Order Attorney in San Francisco, California at The Hallinan Law Firm if you are ready to have a legal professional protect your best interests during this time.

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