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California & Federal Cannabis Legal Protection

Our San Francisco, Ca Cannabis Lawyer shares that, California has been at the forefront of efforts to liberalize cannabis laws since 1972. We became the first state in the nation to attempt to legalize it with a ballot initiative.

California’s fight continued for over two decades until we made it legal for medical use in 1996 and recreational use in 2016. Even with these progressive reforms, many people need a lawyer who understands peoples’ rights surrounding California cannabis laws.

Cannabis Lawyer, San Francisco, CA

As many people know, California has made progressive strides towards decriminalizing the cannabis plant. However, the federal government has not done this. Many people also find themselves in need of a top-notch lawyer from The Hallinan Law Firm who knows how to use the law to protect their federal rights related to cannabis charges, convictions, and sentencing.

There are many reasons that different people need legal help over matters of cannabis. Regardless of whether you are a once in a great while or regular recreational user, someone who uses medical cannabis regularly, or someone who is involved in the cannabis industry in any way, The Hallinan Law Firm knows how to use California and federal cannabis laws to protect your rights.

If you are having cannabis-related legal issues and are looking for your rights and possibly your freedoms to be protected by leaders in cannabis legal defense, contact The Hallinan Law Firm today. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we may be able to start protecting your rights and freedoms and your reputation, and the health of your financial future.

Protecting Your Rights, Freedom & Reputation

Our compassionate team understands that people who are having cannabis-related legal issues usually have more than just their freedom at stake. We know how to use the law to protect our clients from having their legal rights compromised. We also know that many people also need to have their reputations protected for both work and personal reasons. Both professional and personal relationships can suffer significantly from cannabis-related charges- especially if you are convicted.

A primary goal is to keep our clients from having to tell their family, friends, co-workers, and other people in their life that they are going to jail. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ civil liberties and legal rights are not compromised.

We know that every client we agree to protect and ensure that their rights are honored is far more than just a case number with charges to defend. This is why we take our time to make sure that we get to know every aspect of you and your life that may positively impact your case, even in the event it goes to trial.

When you are looking for protection for cannabis-related charges, suspicions, or a conviction, it’s essential to have legal representation experienced with successfully defending their clients’ from both state and federal cannabis charges.

For California’s experienced Cannabis Defense Lawyer in San Francisco, CA, contact us as soon as you can.

The Impact of Charges for Recreational Use in California

Our cannabis lawyer San Francisco, CA depends on will tell you that while recreational use in California is legal, there are still laws regarding its use. Violating laws in place can land you in hot water, which makes contacting our team at The Hallinan Law Firm a critical component to managing the legal process. We are confident that by taking the time to search for a professional law firm to represent you, you will find our services to be the right fit.

Isn’t Cannabis Legal?

While recreational use of cannabis is legal in California, there are still laws in place that must be adhered to. Violations can range in severity depending upon whether you have a criminal record, the amount you are in possession of, and more. Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • If you are under the age of 21, possession of cannabis is an infraction and is subject to fines, drug counseling, and community service.
  • Selling cannabis without a state license could be facing a misdemeanor charge, or worse for those with a prior criminal record.
  • You can only be in possession of a specific amount of cannabis. If you are in possession of more than one ounce of dried cannabis or 8 ounces of concentrated cannabis, you may be charged with a misdemeanor and could even be facing jail time.
  • You are allowed to grow up to six plants in California; anything more could result in a misdemeanor. However, if you have a felony conviction on your record, possessing more than six plants could result in a felony charge.

Our San Francisco, CA cannabis lawyer shares that while cannabis is legal in the state, it is still not federally legalized. Additionally, know that there are still laws that you must be aware of if you intend to use cannabis recreationally.

Reasons It’s Imperative to Contact a Lawyer

If you plan to partake in cannabis use recreationally, it’s critical to have at least some level of awareness regarding what you can and cannot do. Failing to have some knowledge base around California laws could leave you faced with a possible misdemeanor or even felony conviction. This can have a severe impact on a person’s life. Contacting a lawyer is critical for many reasons, for example,

  • Provides you with a lawyer with experience in cannabis law who can guide you through the process.
  • Navigating the legal process without a professional can be complicated.
  • You will want to put your best foot forward when facing possible legal ramifications. A lawyer can help to mitigate consequences.
  • You will have someone who can assist in strategizing your case and answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

If you are facing charges, you will need a lawyer. Keep in mind that it’s in your best interest to conduct a proper search for a legal professional in your area. No one wants to be facing charges and a possible conviction with a professional who is not well-equipped to represent cases involving cannabis. Start by:

  • Conducting Internet research
  • Asking for recommendations from people you know
  • Asking prospective lawyers for references
  • Meeting with prospective lawyers to ask questions and get a feel for their style and experience

While it’s always essential to research before selecting a lawyer, our team is confident that the path will lead you to The Hallinan Law Firm after doing so. Our experienced team is prepared to assist in fighting the conviction you are facing. Start today by scheduling a consultation with our San Francisco, CA Cannabis Lawyer without hesitation.

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